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Environmental protection and Fairtrade

Alltex Textilservice: the laundry offering sustainable cleaning of textiles

As an established industrial laundry, Alltex places value on environmental protection. We meet and even exceed all legal regulations. In concrete terms, this means we use efficient care products, causing as little pollution as possible. We also protect resources, for example with innovative water treatment and heat exchangers. These technologies, together with modern energy-saving machinery, reduce our consumption of water and electricity, both of which are important aspects of environmental protection. However, you need not fear any loss in quality because of our concern – ecology and professional cleaning results go hand in hand. Our repair service also adds to sustainability.

Fairtrade – Supporting fair trade

The Fairtrade idea forms a further aspect of sustainability. There is a widespread problem in the textile industry that many manufacturers in regions such as Asia pay little regard to worker rights. This ranges from very low wages and deficient health and safety to combatting of works councils and trade unions. You can counter these wrongs with Fairtrade clothing. Manufacturers who mark their products with the Fairtrade seal undertake to meet minimum standards. Independent experts regularly inspect work conditions on site. Alltex Textilservice will gladly buy Fairtrade textiles for you, e.g. workwear. You can buy or lease this wear directly from us.

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